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“As a new company, first time out of its homeland, we exercised a lot of ‘walking in the dark’ time in the beginning. Portage EDC walked us through this process, hand by hand, and showed us the lights of NWI and specifically Portage… They introduced us with all the important local factors to our business, and were the main reason for us to land in Portage for the coming 15 years. “  


MCP USA, Eyal Tenanbaume

Ratner Steel

"Amy and the Portage EDC were able to help facilitate our growth with our new addition. We appreciate all of their direct help."  

Dennis Symanski, Ratner Steel

"Portage Economic Development Corporation was a huge part of supporting our move here to Portage."

Tiffany Bley—Assistant to the CEO of Fronius

"Portage Economic Development helped us to get abatements and work with us. They've been very friendly to businesses. They are working vary hard to try and get us young employees."

Bill Stockwell—General Manager PSC Machining & Engineering

"I'm grateful to the Portage Economic Development company and to all the people who worked on the Manufacturing 360 event. It's providing an opportunity for students that they would not have otherwise."

Richard Weigel—Superintendent Portage Area Schools

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